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Translation process


Certified translations are bound paper documents consisting of a title page, your document, the translated document in the final language and the end postscrit of the translator stating the identification numbers.   First you need to provide the document needing translation which will later be bound to the translation. Depending on the requirements of the final destination of the translation, it may have to  have an accompanying apostille or be notarised.

Common certified documents which require our translation services include:

Birth, Death, Marriage and Divorce Certificates 

Power of Attorney 

Last Will and Testament 

Academic Transcripts and Diplomas 

Certifications by Local Embassies  

Police reports 


It usually takes 2-3 work days to be ready, depending on the size of the document. Express translation (done on the same day) is available for an extra fee.


All certified translations are achived in case you need a copy. You will only need to provide a copy of the original document needed to be bound to the translation.

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